Meet our Previous Partners

"Hearts and Horses Riding Rescue"

Our 2023 Horse Rescue Partner

Hearts and Horses Riding and Rescue Image


Hearts and Horses Riding and Rescue, based in Livermore, California, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to equine welfare. Their mission is twofold: to provide a second chance for animals in need and to empower individuals through the human-horse bond. Join them to discover horsemanship through enriching classes, 4-H sessions, and engaging activities. Most of their horses are rescues, showcasing their dedication to ensuring the well-being and transformative journey of these animals. Big Bay Ray’s donation went to buying hay for their beautiful rescue (and non-rescued) horses, further supporting their mission.

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"Equine Assistance project"

Our 2022 Horse Rescue Partner 


Equine Assistance Project is a 501c3 located in Petaluma, CA. They provide sanctuary to horses who are deemed "unadoptable", as well as rescuing, rehabbing, and rehoming horses in at-risk situations. EAP assists horse owners in keeping their horses by aiding with re-homing and emergency assistance programs to keep horses out of the slaughter pipeline. EAP believes that every horse deserves a chance to live their life with love and dignity.



"War Angel Farms"

Our 2021 Horse Rescue Partner


WarAngel Farms Rescue & Rehabilitation is a 501c3 equine and farm animal rescue in Canton, Georgia. While they will help with any rescue situation, they specialize in saving horses and donkeys out of the slaughter pipeline. They believe God gives each person passions in life, and the ability to pursue them. Not only will God give you a will and a way, He also sends others a will and way to you! They feel blessed to be able to do what they love and help as many animals as they can. Their mission is to be good stewards of Gods animals here on earth. To rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for the animals in their care.



"Reins In Motion"

Our 2020 Horse Rescue Partner


The Reins in Motion Foundation is a volunteer-based therapeutic riding program in Livermore, CA. Our mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs and life-threatening illness by connecting them with horses, animals, and outdoor education activities that promote healing and growth in all aspects of their daily lives.

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"Angels For Mini's"

Our 2019 Horse Rescue Partner


“Angels For Minis” Miniature Horse Rescue is a 501 c3 non-profit Miniature Horse Rescue located within the San Francisco Bay Area, California.  We service the entire Western and Central United States. We are dedicated to the well being of the unique Breed of Miniature Horses. Our goal is to rehabilitate abused, neglected, or unwanted Miniature Horses, innocent victims of the current economy , through the charitable works of our members, sponsors  and adoptive homes. Through continual education we hope to minimize the need for a miniature horse rescue. 

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Sonoma Equine Rescue, Rehab, and Adoption

Our 2018 Horse Rescue Partner

SERRA's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and place horses in responsible and caring homes.

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